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Hamish Blake shares hilarious message to congratulate Zoë Foster Blake after she sealed her whopping $89 million deal

Hamish is also innovative...

By Faye Couros
The Foster-Blake household is home to one seriously successful duo, who are always finding humour in any situation.
So it comes as no surprise that Zoë Foster-Blake's latest lucrative business achievement has received the same lighthearted banter one would expect from her husband, Hamish Blake.
Zoë recently signed a jaw-dropping $89 million deal, selling her Go-To Skincare brand to the ASX-listed company BWX.
The beauty writer turned business entrepreneur has sold the controlling stake in her business, with BWX acquiring 50.1 per cent of Go-To while she retains a 24 per cent stake.
Zoë' and Hamish are no doubt celebrating today! Instagram
Of course, her husband Hamish Blake is very proud of his wife's success.
He took to his Instagram to hilariously celebrate her big win, posting a picture of himself with a plastic structure while giving a big thumbs up to the camera.
He dedicated the beginning of his message to Zoë by expressing how impressed he is with her new achievement.
"My wiz of a wife did a huge business deal and I am, of course, as always, super impressed by her and massively proud," he wrote.
However, the rest of his message poked fun at his own impressive achievement over the weekend – although it's not quite a multi-million dollar investment, to be fair, not every parent may be able to pull of Hamish's stick fort.
"ALSO, I happened to just make probably the trickiest stick fort I've ever made, so I guess we BOTH know what it's like to be married to someone at the top of their game. #👍," he said.

Speaking with The Sydney Morning Herald, Zoë opened up about her business milestone, and she admitted, "Yes, I am an entrepreneur."
The beauty mogul shared her excitement over the new venture.
"It's been a really big learning curve for me the last eight or so months doing the deal, I am excited and can't wait to get back to work," she revealed.
Zoë believes she was able to acquire such lucrative success in the beauty world thanks to her background as a beauty columnist for Cosmopolitan magazine - and the fact the Go-To is simply good.
"We are a serious skincare brand," she told the publication. "Marketing and a good story will get you the first product purchase but it won't get you repeat purchases."
Go-To is reportedly valued at $177 million. Instagram

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