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They've travelled the world together and won over Australia, but Hamish Blake and Andy Lee's newest journey is a tale of true friendship

They're in this together!

By Faye Couros
Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are the dynamic duo that has kept Australia in good spirits for years.
They've travelled the world together, gone on wild adventures, pranked unsuspecting victims, and made gravy chips.
It's seemed like their friendship had charted all territories, but now a global pandemic has brought them a new challenge to wade through headfirst and hand in hand.
They've got Peroni beers to get through lockdown. Instagram
Andy has found himself stuck in Sydney's lockdown because he's currently working on his show The Hundred.
He's solo in the shutdown state because his long-term girlfriend, Rebecca Harding, is at their home in Melbourne.
Luckily, people living alone can allocate one friend to create a singles bubble, and who better to call than Hamish.
For long-time fans of the duo, it's heartwarming knowing their friendship is still so strong they want to spend time with each other in the confinements of lockdown.
Andy announced the news on his Instagram by uploading a picture of himself smiling with Hamish as they hold beers.
The television host captioned the picture with a tongue in cheek comment about needing to conduct a thorough process to choose his singles buddy.
Hamish and Andy cooking lasagne on a volcano in Guatemala. Instagram
"After a long and thorough process, with numerous background checks and references read, I finally chose my 'singles bubble' buddy! #NoRegrets," he wrote.
In the comment section, some fans decided to get in on the joke, with one writing, "I hope he's making a cake to celebrate," and another commented, "I think you need to review the agency you used for your background checks 😂."
Let the shenanigans begin!
Since being away from home, Andy's girlfriend has suffered a gruesome injury at the hands of Japanese knives.
She documented her attempt to wrap the wound, but she ended up going to the hospital to mend the artery she cut.
Bec updated her fans with a picture of her professionally bandaged hands and wrote, "Update: Turns out I'm not a doctor, and my attempt of bandaging myself wasn't correct.
Bec's injury was more serious that she anticipated. Instagram
"Turns out I have some good knife skills, managed to hit an artery."
She proceeded to add a sly personal dig for trying to give herself medical treatment.
"Antibiotics and some hectic bandage action (by a real doctor) required," she finished.
Hopefully, Bec and Andy will be reunited soon, but we're sure Hamish will keep his buddy entertained for now.