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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez reportedly put divorce on hold

Does this mean they're reconciling?

By Elizabeth Best
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez filed for divorce in 2015, but a year later they’re said to be on the brink of dismissing the whole thing.
According to TMZ, neither Halle or Olivier have done anything since initially filing to move the divorce forward.
The publication claims they obtained a court document sent to both parties, saying if they don’t make moves to finalise the divorce, the whole thing will be dismissed!
Could a reconciliation be on the cards?
A new beginning for Halle and Olivier?
Multiple sources have said neither is in a rush to throw the marriage away.
Apparently Halle is no longer convinced she wants a divorce.
The actress reportedly believes Olivier has the ability to change, and improve his anger management skills.
Watch the clip below for all the details on the Halle/Olivier divorce drama you need to know. Post continues.
Neither Olivier nor Halle has done anything to move the divorce forward.
If this happened, the Kidnap star thinks the two of them could definitely make it work.
Moreover, 50-year-old Halle isn’t sure she wants a third divorce on the cards, believing it will be damaging to both her and the children.
Halle is reluctant to be a three-time divorcee.
Also, the pair are said to be getting on extremely well and putting aside any differences to be the best parents to three-year-old Maceo, and eight-year-old Nahla Aubry, whose father is Gabriel Aubry.
Olivier may not be Nahla’s biological dad, but he’s still very actively involved in her life.
Sources say at this stage the divorce will probably just be dismissed.
Halle thinks Olivier has anger management issues. Watch the clip of him below and decide for yourself.

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