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Gwyneth Paltrow shares a refreshingly raw picture with her teenage kids Apple and Moses from isolation

The famed actress is renowned for keeping her private life low-key.

By Jess Pullar
Gwyneth Paltrow is known for her whirlwind portfolio as an actress and wellness advocate (who hasn't been sucked into the labyrinth of Goop?), but it's easy to forget that first and foremost, her most important role is being a mum.
The 47-year-old is spending her days just like the rest of us at present, holing up inside her home in order to stop the rapid spread of Coronavirus.
She's certainly not alone, with her two children, Apple, 15, and Moses, 13, keeping her company.
And in a move that's sent her fans into overdrive, she's given us a rare glimpse of exactly how that's playing out at home.
Taking to her Instagram account on Tuesday, the Goop founder shared a refreshing, make-up free picture from inside her family home.
And while the kitchen backdrop behind her looks enviable, it's the two subjects standing on either side of Paltrow that really captured our attention.
Both Apple and Moses are seen standing next to their mother, who is clearly appreciative of their simple presence, writing in the caption: "WFH with some moral support 💚"
Gwyneth shared a candid picture with her two teenage children as they self-isolate together. (Instagram / @gwynethpaltrow)
Paltrow very rarely shares pictures with her children, and this one does nothing to suggest it will become a regular occurrence.
Both Apple and Moses' faces are almost cut out from the shot, which is presumably to keep them somewhat out of the limelight.
The last time Gwyneth shared a picture with her children was back in May 2019, when she posted an image of the family for Mother's Day while they holidayed in a beach location.
The new picture is a rare gem for fans - the last time Gwyneth shared insight into her family life was in May 2019 with this vacation pic. (Instagram / @gwynethpaltrow)
Fans were clearly thrilled about the actress' most recent insight into her family life this week, with thousands flocking to the comments section to voice their excitement.
"GP and siblings! You look as young as they do ♥️," mused one fan.
"Did Apple approve this one? 💕💕💕," another asked.
Many also shared safe wishes the family: "Beautiful family! Stay safe! 🌷," said a follower.
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Paltrow shares her two children with her ex-husband Chris Martin, who is the frontman of famed British band Coldplay.
The pair split in 2014, and are understood to be on good terms.
The current climate is no doubt a difficult one for the family to navigate as much of the world goes into lockdown and travel - both long and short distance - is banned.
At least with Gwyneth's latest insight, we've no doubt in our minds that she's got plenty of support to get through the crisis.
Perhaps we'll be seeing her two children following in her Hollywood footsteps before long!

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