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Guy Sebastian: Who’s that girl?

The singer steps out with another woman.

He’s never normally pictured far from his wife Jules and kids Hudson, four, and Archer, two, so onlookers were taken aback to see singer Guy Sebastian strolling arm-in-arm with another woman on a flight to Melbourne last week.
While the brunette in question is Guy’s tour manager Bonnie, it was hard to deny the pair’s chemistry when she put her arm around Guy and they looked into one another’s eyes.
“Guy and his friend certainly looked very close and were walking with their bodies touching,” says an onlooker.
Meanwhile, Guy, 34, has recently revealed his decision to return to The X Factor Australia was in part due to the fact he wanted to be closer to his family.
Guy and his pal chatted closely.
The X Factor star is loving his time on the show.
“I decided a long time ago I’m not leaving Australia,” he says.
“I’ve got a place in LA and I’ve had plenty of opportunity to live there, and plenty of reasons to as well, but I just look at what we have here, and I love where I live.”
Earlier in the year, Jules told Woman’s Day Online that she had Guy had no plans to expand their family just yet.
“Ah… the million dollar question! No plans at this point,” she explained.
WATCH: Guy warms up his vocal cords. Post continues after the video...
The former Aussie Idol star wants to raise his young family Down Under.
“Guy and his friend certainly looked very close and were walking with their bodies touching,” an onlooker tells.
“I’m finally sleeping through the night again and no one has a dummy anymore, so I think it’s a good contribution to the world to keep it as one each,” the stylist said before admitting that her eldest, who she fondly refers to as "Huddy", is the mini-version of his singing daddy.
“I think we’ve had one of each. Hudson is Guy and Archie is me – not just in looks but in personality as well. Hudson is the life of the party, just full of energy and Archie is a bit more chilled out and shy.”
Jules and Guy share two young sons, Hudson and Archie.

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