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Divorce, Kylie Minogue and Kevin Spacey: Guy Pearce's latest interview is beyond EXPLOSIVE

Plus, the Aussie actor sets the record straight on his split from his long-term wife and on his new romance with his Game Of Thrones' leading lady.

By Philippa Tonkin
Guy Pearce appeared on Andrew Denton's Interview on Tuesday night to discuss his divorce to his relationship with Kevin Spacey and everything in between. He definitely dropped some bombshells leaving Denton, the audience and the world in shock.
And while we already know a lot about Aussie icon, Guy Pearce as a 20 year old Neighbours star, we aren't all that familiar with his 50 year old self. Below, meet the icon who after a few tumultuous years is finally living his best life.

Relationship with Kevin Spacey

Denton noted that Guy has worked with some pretty exceptional people and started by asking him about Kate Winslet who he called, "absolutely divine" before surprising Guy and the audience by asking about Kevin Spacey.
Kevin Spacey and Guy Pearce worked together on L.A. Confidential.
Although he remarked that Spacey was an "incredible actor", he did mention that he had a "slightly difficult time with him". The ultimate bomb came a few moments later when Guy finally said that Spacey was a "handsy guy".
The gasps by the studio audience filled the room.

The neighbours star he'll always have a crush on

Denton continued his questioning on Guy's former costars and asked about Kylie Minogue.
Kylie and Guy at the world premiere of their film, Swinging Safari, in December 2017.
He joked that Kylie was "not as handsy as he would like her to be". He even admitted that whilst he did sort of have a crush on golden girl Kylie back when they filming, he has a bigger crush on her now.

Did he or didn't he cheat?

Later in the interview, Denton allowed Pearce to open up about the breakdown of his 18-year marriage to childhood sweetheart Kate Mestitz in 2015, and the new love he's found with Game of Thrones actor, Carice van Houten.
Guy announced his separation from his first wife via Twitter in October 2015.
"I've spent the last couple of years making sure I protect Kate in all this, and not really saying what happened, and particularly not saying that it was her decision to end our marriage.
"I've realised that I'm actually not doing her any favours in this — aside from the fact I have people coming up to me saying 'You're a bastard for having an affair with Carice and getting her pregnant and then leaving your wife' and I'm going that is so not what happened."
Guy and Kate in happier times.
"I'm actually really proud of Kate for what she did. As sad as it was for me… for her to go 'You know what, our time's up' was incredibly strong of her to do. I'm very proud of her..."
Kate grounded him and he confessed that without her he felt he lost his footing.
He admitted that the time following his breakup was incredibly hard and that he even contemplated walking into traffic one night when he was in Berlin.
"I thought, well, if I get drunk enough and I stagger onto that road, we'll see what happens."
Pearce also quickly touched on his new relationship.
Guy and Carice took to Twitter to announce they were expecting their first child together.
Months after his breakup, Pearce met and fell in love with van Houten. He said they fell in love 'quickly and messily' and they then had to slow down and figure everything out once the baby, Monte, came into the equation.