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Guy Pearce and Carice Van Houten welcome a son

The Aussie actor and his Game of Thrones partner gave the little one a very fancy name.

By Elizabeth Best
Game of Thrones star Carice van Houten has given birth to her first child, with partner and new dad Guy Pearce by her side.
The pair announced the news on social media, letting the world know they now had a little son.
In the post, the couple declared they were calling their new bundle of joy Monte, and that he would be taking Guy’s surname.
There's speculation the name could have been inspired by Guy's famous role in The Count of Monte Cristo retelling.
The 48-year-old Aussie actor wrote “A cute little package arrived and told us his name’s Monte Pearce. We think we’re gonna keep him. Placenta smoothie anyone?”
No doubt Guy is thrilled to be a first-time dad.
He tagged his 39-year-old partner in the post, and Carice responded with a series of super cute little baby emojis.
Guy and Carice – who plays the Red Woman Melisandra on HBO’s hit adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s books – have been very active on social media leading up to Monte’s arrival.
Lucky Carice didn't give birth to a shadowbaby like her Game of Thrones character!
She shared this image with the caption "Almost don't fit in the mirror any more!" not long before the birth.
Carice has shared many adorable bump photos, while Guy has been excitedly posting about his wait for his child.
Back in July, Guy posted photos of himself holding several animals such as a puppy and a tiger cub, alongside the amusing caption: “The baby will be like one of these, right?”
Guy posted his plans for fatherhood.
Guy also joked about rethinking fatherhood when his partner mentioned having a shadowbaby, a reference to Carice’s character in Game of Thrones.
Carice's agent confirmed the pair welcomed their son into the world a week ago and have been getting to know him before announcing their news to the world.
It’s the first child for both actors.
Relive the moment this cute couple announced they were expecting in the video below.

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