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Grant Denyer and his "gorgeous island girls" are home after a fantasy post-Logies escape

Grant and Chezzi’s adorable kids steal the show in these happy travel snaps.

By Holly Royce
Insiders have dubbed 2018 Gold Logie winner, Grant Denyer as "the nicest guy in television," a reputation that his family, wife Cheryl "Chezzi" Denyer and two daughters, Sailor and Scout, would undoubtedly approve.
So when 40-year-old Grant won this year's TV WEEK Gold Logie Award after 22 previous award nominations, there was no doubt in anyone's mind there would be celebrations.
Family man Grant, who says becoming a father to his two daughters is his proudest achievement to date, made something of a great escape to enjoy some well-deserved family time on the beautiful beaches of Club Med La Plantation d'Albion, Mauritius, sharing a number of happy snaps on Instagram.
We picked some of our favourites including Grant and his family enjoying time quite time in their private villa and experiencing everything that Club Med has to offer.
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"Most amazing holiday with my gorgeous island girls," Grant shares on Instagram.
These kids could not be any cuter!
perfect beach weather.
Grant's girls.
If we saw that costume in person, we'd probably pull that face as well!
And there was some time for Chezzi and Grant to enjoy each other's company in paradise!
Chezzie posted the picture below on Instagram with the caption, "Best friends. Best time. Blessed. Don't want our Mauritius holiday to ever end."
Couple goals.

Back to reality

Sadly, all good things most come to an end - even for the family of Gold Logie winners.
Chezzi, a busy working mother of two, shared the above picture above on her Instagram, calling out for tips on dealing with children and jet lag. Talk about a reality check!
"Let's just take a minute to discuss Jet lag with children," Chezzi said."I think it's Monday but I'm really not sure?!"
"I'm trying to get back into routine BUT... They're wide awake at 11pm."
"They want breakfast. Cereal. Eggs. Toast. Weetbix too please Mummy!"
"They refuse to go back to sleep until 3:30/4am"
"I am so tired I can hardly see"
"Advice. Please!"

The advice came in thick and fast, "swimming!!! Take them to a pool in the afternoon! It will knock them out for bed time," suggested user mumsociety.
"Keep them awake all day, no naps and bed at normal time. A nice warm bath just before" suggested another Instagram user.
We're not sure which one worked the best, but we're hoping Chezzi will keep us updated.
Welcome back, Denyers.