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Dancing With The Stars' Grant Denyer heads back to work just days after being discharged from hospital

Is he the hardest working person in all of Australia?

By Anita Lyons
Grant Denyer is arguably the hardest working man on Australian TV, hosting upwards of three shows and a brekkie radio gig on 2DayFM.
And now, the Dancing With The Stars host has returned to work on the hit Network Ten show, just days after coming out of hospital.
Last month, Grant was rushed to hospital for a second time in a week after sustaining a back injury, an "annular fissure or ruptured/ torn disc", which he suffered while "hammering in some stakes" in the paddock on the family's property.
"Not real fair, but then that is life. At least we now know what we're dealing with now," his wife Chezzi Denyer wrote on Instagram.
"Annular Fissure or ruptured/ torn disc. It's been quite a number of years since I've seen my hubby in so much pain.. OUCH!"
Grant was in hospital again after sustaining an unexpected injury. (Image: Instagram/chezzidenyer)
The injury left him unable to walk, with the real prospect he may have to be in a wheelchair.
Now defying all odds, Grant is not only working, but physically back at work!
In a post uploaded to his own Instagram account he wrote:
"Feels amazing to be out of hospital & back on my feet! Just a lil' test run on the dance floor before tomorrow's semi-final. I've missed @dancingon10 soooo much. Anyone who knows someone with back pain knows it's a slow process. Thanks for the messages & love, they've all really lifted my spirits. See ya'll tomorrow night 7:30pm for a MONSTER of show! 💃🏼"
Grant back to work on the set of DWTS. (Source: Instagram/grantdenyer)
His co-star and fellow cast were quick to welcome him back.
"Sooo good to have you back x", co-host Amanda Keller wrote, while dancer Samuel Johnson said: "So relieved to know you're back."
Chezzi also took to Instagram with this heartfelt post:
"Quite remarkable to see him up and about, and rehearsed and ready for tomorrow night's @dancingon10.
"He's still a bit stiff, and has to lie down flat when he can... but we are miles ahead of where we were a week ago!
"Can't wait to see him back on TV tomorrow night!.. And then I will head home to take Sailor to have a new cast put on her little arm!"
Chezzi's Instagram post was full of pride. (Source: Instagram/chezzidenyer)
Last week, the Denyer's oldest daughter, Sailor, was rushed to hospital after breaking her wrist on a set of monkey bars, a common but painful injury anyone with kids will be familiar with.
"Oh no. Another Denyer down ... It's really not our year, is it?#runinwithmonkeybars #brokenwrist," Chezzi posted on Instagram, alongside an adorable photo of her daughter all bandaged up.
Poor Sailor! (Image: @chezzidenyer/Instagram)
We're so glad to see Grant back on his feet!

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