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Grant Denyer's wife Chezzi shares an emotional update on his back injury

“Anyone who has been in this position knows how seriously painful these injuries can be...”

By Tina Burke
Grant Denyer returned to the Dancing With The Stars stage for the semi-final last week, after taking a short break duo to a devastating back injury.
But, after hosting a stellar grand finale alongside Amanda Keller overnight, the TV and radio star has decided to step back from his work commitments to continue his recovery.
Grant's wife Chezzi has shared an emotional update with her followers on Instagram, where she explained the extent of Grant's injury and revealed his plans for recovery.
"Little over 4 weeks ago, Grant injured his back while doing some routine work on our farm. He was diagnosed with an Annular Fissure, or "Disc Tear" in his L5-S1 Disc with a disc bulge," Chezzi wrote on Instagram.
"Anyone who has been in this position knows how seriously painful these injuries can be. Grant has undergone two epidural procedures, using cortisone to try to reduce the pain however they have only provided limited relief," she continued.

The TV WEEK Gold Logie Award winning host will be checking in to a hospital to continue his recovery, putting his work on hold temporarily.
"Grant attempted to return to work as he loves his job on both Channel Ten, and 2Day FM Breakfast, however after being left in significant amount of pain after hosting Dancing With The Stars Grand Finale show last night, he has decided to take a further two weeks off all work," Chezzi revealed, adding Grant will be admitted to a Sports Physiotherapy Recovery Hospital.
Chezzi also gave a "big shout out" to all the families with "loved ones suffering from painful back injuries and conditions right now."

Grant and Chezzi have both been incredibly honest about how difficult the injury has been on their family of four, with daughters Sailor and Scout visiting dad in hospital over the past few weeks.
And, of course, Sailor broke her arm shortly after Grant was taken to hospital for his back injury.
In a rough month for the Denyer family, Grant took time to write a heartfelt post over the Easter long weekend.
"Injuries suck. We all get them at some point, it's part of life. When it happens tho it really pulls the handbrake on life and if I'm honest, I effing hate it," Grant wrote.
"I'm too impatient. Pedal to the metal is my life mantra, not being bed ridden & unable to bend, sit or play.
"But when you push the limit, you have to pay your dues to the universe from time to time. I've been lucky and had a few good runs & successes in recent years... I guess I can be thankful that this is only a temporary injury and setback... as long as I do the right thing and do what the doctors say."
Grant continued, saying he's excited to get back to his "best," adding that "bouncing back is what I do."

Sending our best wishes to Grant (and Sailor) for a speedy recovery!

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