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Good news for Kerri-Anne Kennerley's husband John!

After six long weeks in intensive care, Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s husband, John has finally reached a milestone in his recovery.

Aussie icon, Kerri-Anne Kennerley took to Instagram to share some amazing news on her beloved husband, who was left critically injured following a tragic balcony fall in mid-March.
The TV presenter has not left her husband’s side in the intensive care unit since he was airlifted to Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital from a golf resort near Coffs Harbour last month, but now, for the first time in 6 and a half weeks, the 75-year-old is preparing for the next phase of recovery, which will require him to move out of intensive care, and into the spinal unit to begin rehabilitation.
Smiles all round! KAK shared this touching photo on Thursday and revealed the big breakthrough.
“After 6 and a half weeks in Intensive Care John is moving to the spinal unit,” Kerri-Anne, 62, quipped proudly.
The announcement was teamed with a cheerful photo of a smiling John surrounded by his caring team of medical staff.
“Just a few of the brilliant nurses and doctors who looked after him 24 hours a day. Thank you to these wonderful professionals," she added.
The news of John’s move isn’t the only good word we’ve had on his situation as of late. Earlier this week, the beloved television star to Instagram to share an adorable photo of their Golden Retriever spending time with John.
“Today was the first time Digger recognised John and made us all happy. So true, pets really are therapy,” she wrote alongside the snapshot.
In the image, Digger looks thrilled to greet John. And the feeling is mutual as he smiles back at his precious pooch.
KAK shared the sweet photo with her 10,000 followers.
Kerri-Anne's positive post came shortly after her heart-wrenching Sunday Night interview, where she spoke for the first time about John’s tragic fall.
Following the show, the couple received an outpouring of love and support which promoted the TV star to send a message of thanks to her fans, which can be viewed in the video player below.
“I’d just like to take a moment on behalf of John and I to thank you for the overwhelming support we’ve received from people we don’t even know," she said.
“Human nature is a wonderful thing. You’re generous, you’ve got great spirit and for us it’s been very, very important."
“We’re standing tall, we will survive and a lot of it’s to do with you. Thanks.”
Kerri-Anne revealed to Sunday Night that her husband of over 30 years still has a long way to go.
“He's trapped in his mind, he's trapped in his body. He can't touch me. All I can do is ever so gently hold his head and one shoulder and kiss him.”
John fractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae at the base of his neck, and been diagnosed as in incomplete quadriplegic.
At this stage, he cannot walk and KAK admits that “It'll be a year before you know what he'll be left with.”
But Kerri-Anne knows nothing but resilience, having battled some of life’s biggest challenges with her husband of over three decades right by her side.
Kerri-Anne and John married at the Sydney Opera House in 1994.
“As exhausting as it is going to the hospital and spending hours and hours there every day, I get very antsy and excited when I go in there because I really look forward to seeing him,” she explained.
"It is a battle. But I want him back so bad... I want him, to actually be as happy and have the creativity that he's always loved and enjoyed."
Our thoughts are with John and Kerri-Anne through this difficult time.

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