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Goldie Hawn's ex sells tell-all memoir

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Goldie Hawn's former husband is looking to cash in on his relationship with the movie star by selling a book about their relationship.
Bill Hudson, father to movie star Kate Hudson, is shopping around a tell-all memoir under the title So You Are a Star, the New York Post has reported.
"What if your ex-wife used her public platform to spread rumours about your relationship with your children?" Bill wrote in a proposal sent to publishers. He describes Hawn as "a movie star who enjoyed having 'open relationships' and limiting access to their children".
Bill, a musician who divorced Hawn in 1979 and remained estranged from children Kate and Oliver (also an actor) as they were raised by Hawn and actor Kurt Russell, alleges in the unpublished book that the movie star left him after confessing to infidelity and saying she wanted an open marriage.
"You're my soul mate … it's just that I've always believed in open marriage," Bill claimed she told him.
"We made love everywhere … airplane bathrooms, rooftops, under the covers in first-class … just any and every place we could find," he wrote.
He also said that daughter Kate has used their situation in the press to garner sympathy.
"Kate has used the story of her being abandoned by me because she needed tragedy in her life. She grew up privileged in Hollywood with private planes. Nobody was going to sympathise unless she had some tragedy," Bill wrote.

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