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Georgie Gardner's VERY cheeky dig at Karl Stefanovic will have you cheering

Activate 'quiet mode'!

By Anita Lyons
It seems The Today Show host Georgie Gardner has a fabulous sense of humour, as she took a little swipe at her former co-host, Karl Stefanovic.
While she never publicly addressed "Ubergate", we couldn't get enough of the drama that unfolded after a recording was leaked of Karl speaking with brother Peter Stefanovic on speakerphone - discussing his colleague at the time.
On Wednesday, Georgie took a subtle dig at Karl on Twitter after Uber introduced a "quiet mode" for its riders.
With the flick of a button, the new feature instructs drivers not to talk to their passengers during their journey. And when radio host and comedian Mick Molloy saw this he took to Twitter with a very cheeky comment.
"It's probably something the Stefanovics should do," he wrote, to which Georgie responded: "Ya reckon?!" HA!
Georgie Gardner has taken a cheeky dig at Karl Stefanovic. (Source: Instagram @georgiegardner9)
Uber passengers can select "quiet preferred", "happy to chat" or "no preference" and while Ubergate wasn't the best publicity for the car service, Mick and Georgie have certainly marketed this fab new system that no publicity could buy!
Back in March last year tabloid king, Peter Ford, revealed a secret phone recording of Peter calling Karl, putting him on speakerphone and the pair having a rather telling conversation about Georgie.
The claims arose after the entertainment guru replied to a tweet about Karl's nuptials on Monday, sharing: "Got a psychic flash he may have another more urgent issue to deal with tomorrow before he tends to that one ..."
Radio duo Kyle and Jackie O decided they needed to get to the bottom of the ambiguous comment and gave Peter a buzz (you can listen above).
Unfortunately, Peter was unable to share actual details of the call, which was reportedly recorded in an Uber ride and is now being shopped around to the highest bidder by the Uber driver.
He did admit it was "a bit of bitching and a bit of moaning."
"Some of it would be embarrassing if it got out, but I think most fair-minded people would go, aah, there but by the grace of God," Peter told the radio duo.
The Stefanovic brothers were up to no good and later were released from their Channel Nine contracts. (Source: Channel Nine)
Jackie tried to get some more dirt, asking, "So when you said [on Twitter] it could destroy a TV partnership, do you mean the network or someone on the show?"
Peter responded, "Obviously I was talking about Georgie Gardner. I don't know that it would destroy it, but it certainly would cause," before trailing off, leaving us all to wonder what on earth was said during the alleged call.
Kyle clearly didn't want anything to be left to his imagination and asked for more on the matter.
Peter, fed up, said: "I just spent three minutes explaining I can't tell you. Look, there was a bit of bitching and a bit of venting."
Georgie and Karl on the set of The Today Show. (Source: Channel 9)
Back in December, the Nine Network confirmed that Karl Stefanovic will be leaving the Today Show after working on the morning news program for over 14 years.
Darren Wick, Director of News and Current Affairs, confirmed the news in a statement:
"For over 14 years Karl has been at the centre of the Today Show bringing his unique personality and perspective to the day's news and current affairs."
Veteran TV host, Deborah Knight, replaced Karl in a new look line-up at the beginning of 2019.