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Bachelorette star Georgia Love shares heartbreaking message as she pays tribute to her dear Nana

''It still hurts every single day.''

By Faye Couros
It is an absolute privilege to buy your mother some flowers and chocolate to show her your appreciation on Mother's Day.
However, this day comes with a pang of heartbreak for some people as they mourn or a separated from their mum.
Former Bachelorette Georgia Love lost her gorgeous mother, Belinda, in 2016 after a six-month cancer battle.
Georgia and her beloved Nana. Instagram
Grief is a feeling that never totally goes away even though as time passes, its strength fades, it is always there lingering, and on certain occasions like birthdays, weddings, and significant days can feel a little harder.
Georgia took to her Instagram to pen a heartbreaking message about her hard week post Mother's Day, but that despite her struggle, she is grateful she has her nana by her side.
She also shared a very sweet picture from her wedding with her grandmother holding her hands as they look at each other with happiness in their eyes.
"This is an incredibly difficult week for those without mums. I don't have mine and it still hurts every single day.
A throwback picture of Georgia and her mum, Belinda. Instagram
"But I'll never downplay how lucky I feel to still have her mum. My Nana. My favourite woman in the whole wide world, 💜' wrote Georgia.
The post was filled with loving messages from her followers with one person commenting, "Loveeee this. What a special picture 💙," and another wrote, "I love this!! ❤️❤️."
Georgia married her partner Lee Elliott who she met on The Bachelorette earlier this year.
Although Belinda couldn't be there, she would have been so proud to see her daughter marry her soulmate.
Georgia and Lee on their wedding day. Instagram
Belinda sadly passed away a week after The Bachelorette wrapped, but thankfully, she had the chance to meet Elliott and saw how in love he is with her daughter.
"It meant a lot to me to be there, and I could see how much it meant to Georgia," Lee told Woman's Day.
"I feel so blessed. I wish our meeting had been in different circumstances, but that first moment was something that will stay with me forever."