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EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Love opens up about her destination wedding plans with fiancé Lee Elliott

Now this is exciting!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Every woman who's ever been engaged knows the second that gorgeous engagement ring slides onto your finger, people immediately start peppering you with questions about your wedding day plans.
But for former Bachelorette Georgia Love and her fiancé Lee Elliott, who got engaged in September last year, they're choosing to ignore the pressure to rush down the aisle.
When asked by Now To Love if she was feeling stressed about planning her upcoming nuptials, the 31-year-old said both herself and Lee are "both really enjoying" the process.
"It's not stressful," she said. "It's spending the money that's tricky."
Georgia and Lee got engaged in September 2019. Check out that rock! Instagram
Georgia says the couple want to have a destination wedding overseas, and are currently deciding which far-flung location they'd like to host their special day.
"We haven't booked a venue," Georgia said.
"We're going to have an engagement party next month and then look a bit more deeply at it."
"We want to do something smaller and travel is really important to both of us, so we really wanted to have a destination wedding."
The couple want to have a destination wedding overseas. Instagram
The Channel 10 journalist is trying to fit in wedding planning around her busy work schedule, while also attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
"I'm here, there and everywhere and have different hours everyday, so the one thing I try to keep up is my health and fitness," she said.
"I'm all about balance. It's just as important to have a good night's sleep, as it is to go for a run."
So, that being said, what's her current weekly exercise routine?
"I do four workouts a week," she said.
"That might be a run, Pilates or boxing. I kind of mix things up because I get bored very quickly."
These guys are too cute! Instagram
Being camera-ready is part of the TV star's job, so the St Tropez fake tan ambassador tries to make sure her skin has a natural glow.
"I fake tan regularly, but only when I feel like I need it. It just depends on what I've got on," she said.
Georgia is adamant about spreading the message that the only safe tan is the one you get from a bottle.
"Growing up, I've always known about melanoma and the effects of sun on the skin. When fake tans first started becoming a thing, there were those really bad orange fake tans everywhere. I've never been a spray tan person myself. The first spray tan I ever got was on The Bachelorette. You just have no control and I've seen so many bad spray tans, so I just prefer to do it myself at home."
And of course, like all good partners, Lee has learned how to help Georgia tan those hard-to-reach spots on her back.
"He's so on the routine with my fake tan," Georgia said.
"He even washes the mitt for me, because if I do it, I'll get it all over my hands. He is very well trained."
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As for her other favourite beauty buys, Georgia says her go-to everyday product is a super cheap mascara you can pick up at your local supermarket or chemist.
"I've got really long eyelashes and I want to accentuate them," she said.
"For years I've bought really expensive mascaras, assuming that they will be great, but the best one I've ever used is Maybelline. I use The Falsies Lash Lift Volumnising Mascara ($25). I use that if I'm going out or going on TV."
The Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara. Supplied
And speaking of TV, Georgia needs her cleanser to work overtime to get rid of all the heavy makeup she wears while on camera.
Her favourite face wash is Palmer's Cleansing Oil ($14.95).
"It's my favourite product. If people haven't jumped on the cleansing oil bandwagon, do it. You put it on your face dry and mush it around and wash it off with water or a sponge and it removes 15 times more makeup than normal makeup remover. It's beautiful and soft on the skin and it's such an affordable supermarket buy.
Palmer's Facial Cleansing Oil helps get rid of stubborn makeup. Supplied
Looks like we need to schedule in a trip to Priceline!