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Georgia Love and Lee Elliott bare all during a cheeky moment on their anniversary getaway

The former Bachelorette got more than a view.

By Faye Couros
Georgia Love and Lee Elliott are celebrating their first wedding anniversary, and to mark their milestone they've jetted off to the state they became husband and wife.
While staying at the hotel Thalia Haven in Tasmania, the couple found private solace sharing an outdoor bath that they dipped into sans bathers.
Sipping on champagne with front-seat views of Tassie's gorgeous scenery, the Bachelorette stars had to document their cheeky rendezvous via self-timer on Lee's camera.
One year of marriage: Lee and Georgia posing on their holiday. (Image: Instagram)
Once he got the snap, Lee posted a picture of Georgia sipping her drink with him smiling behind her.
But in the following picture of their failed attempt to get the perfect shot, Lee bared all by posting himself fully nude trying to get into the bath.
He coyly captioned the image, "Expectation vs reality. #bigfootsighting."
The moment inspired many comments under Lee's post including one from his wife, who wrote, "Who walks like that though 😂😂."
"Someone that is trying his darnedest not to slip over @georgiealove," he quickly replied.
Lee strategically walked back to Georgia. (Image: Instagram)
Jake Ellis, a contestant alongside Lee during Georgia's season of The Bachelorette, jokingly commented, "Are you prancing back to the bath?? 😂🔥."
A fan observed, "zooms in case of wayward bits Bet you checked eleventy times before posting. Can confirm no peen can be seen."
Another shared, "You were right, she stayed in the spa all day 😅😅."
Over the weekend, the couple shared several loved-up pictures to celebrate their anniversary.
Alongside many pictures from their wedding, Lee penned, "365 days since I married my best friend, soulmate and the love of my life @georgiealove Somehow my vows ring truer today than they did on my favourite day ever a year ago today. ❤️."
"May we forever smile as much, as wide, as purely." (Image: Instagram)
Followed by a lengthy decoration of his eternal devotion filled with promises to "walk with" Georgia "hand in hand through life," to "stick by" her side and to "take care of" her.
Georgia also shared multiple pictures from her wedding day with a shorter but sweet caption.
"✨ 05.03.21 ✨ Happy first anniversary, my husband. May we forever smile as much, as wide, as purely, and as unreservedly as we did this day 🤍I love you," she penned.