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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love spills on "nasty lies" from ex-boyfriends and THAT run-in with Matty J and Laura Byrne

“It was incredibly hard to deal with.”

By Erin Doyle
When Georgia Love signed up to star as The Bachelorette in 2016, it was only natural that her dating history became a point of interest.
It didn't take long for men from her past to come out of the woodwork to slam the reality star in tell-all interviews.
Georgia, who has just launched a new podcast Everyone Has An Ex, admitted to Now To Love that the public accusations made by her exes were tough to handle at the time.
"It was incredibly hard to deal with," she said.
"I didn't see or hear anything that was said publicly until I came out [of the mansion after filming The Bachelorette] and found out two of my exes had come out of the woodwork and made up stuff that wasn't true and said all this nasty stuff about me."
Georgia found love with Lee Elliott on The Bachelorette, but some of her exes weren't happy about it. Image: Instagram
Georgia added: "It was really, really disappointing. I'm not someone who will do that, who will bad-mouth someone for my own benefit so yeah, it was really hard to deal with. And of course, by the time I heard about it, I was loved-up and it was months later when we finished filming so it was extra weird."
Despite the negativity, Georgia, who is now engaged to her final pick Lee Elliott, claimed she doesn't hold any grudges against her exes.
"One of them I hadn't spoken to for bloody seven years beforehand anyway so I didn't feel like there was any necessity to speak to them again after that," she explained to us.
"Another one of them actually reached out to me and said: 'Hope everything's good and I think because of what your other ex said, mine probably sounded bad but I do genuinely wish you all the best.'"
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Moving on! Georgia is now happily engaged and holds no grudges against those who bad-mouthed her. Image: Instagram
While the Network Ten journalist has had less than ideal experiences with some of her exes, Georgia couldn't be more positive about one of her most famous ones – The Bachelorette runner-up Matty J.
As part of her job as a journalist, she was even tasked with interviewing Matty J and his fiancée Laura Byrne when they attended last year's Melbourne Cup Carnival.
"I'm glad that we did get that opportunity to chat," Georgia said.
"I think people think that would be awkward because they kind of look at it like, 'that's your ex.' but we all went through the same thing, we all get it. Matty and I, we obviously didn't work out but because he was on The Bachelorette, he went on to The Bachelor and met Laura so we've all got that in common."
Listen to Georgia Love's new podcast Everyone Has an Ex here.
Despite people thinking otherwise, Georgia says it isn't awkward running into her ex Matty J and his fiancee Laura Byrne. Image: Instagram