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Even George Clooney is in awe of wife Amal!

Admitting that he has “never been happier in a relationship”, George Clooney opens up on his wife Amal, and how the human rights lawyer makes him “feel like an idiot."

Although George Clooney is widely known to be one of Hollywood’s biggest and most successful names, the star admits that next to his wife Amal Clooney, he feels like an “idiot."
"Oftentimes, I feel like an idiot talking to my own wife," he said of his other half in a recent interview with Esquire magazine.
The 54-year-old who married Amal in 2014, is the first to admit that he’s never been more in love.
"I've never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination," the Gravity actor gushed. "At 52. I found the love of my life and I'm really happy."
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As the couple approach their second wedding anniversary, there’s much less talk about the idea of a mini-George or Amal, but rather a different kind of mark on the world.
While George has left behind “seven or eight films that will stand the test of time”, he is currently working on a legacy of a different nature – a positive change for the future of refugees and immigrants.
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Explaining a sentiment his father had taught him, the actor said, “If your legacy's gonna count for anything, it actually has to count for the next generation's lives."
“Amal and I are working on things now that matter to us on a whole other level, in a whole other world. If there's a legacy for me, it's yet to be written,” he said of the humanitarian work he and his wife participate in.
Amal quickly became a style icon in Hollywood.
And while the silver fox has a very demanding schedule indeed what with all the star studded productions, he still manages to find time to shoot hoops with the president. Yes, Obama.
“We played here in L.A.,” quipped George of his basketball game with President Barack Obama.
“I did a fundraiser here with him, and he said, ‘What are you doing tomorrow morning?’ I go, ‘What time?’ He goes, ‘5:30. You wanna play some hoops?’"
“It was really fun. He’s a good basketball player,” he said.
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