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Bachelor Blake dumps Louise

Despite separating, the couple are still living together.

They got together in strange circumstances, but fast-forward 18 months and former Bachelor Blake Garvey has split from Louise Pillidge.
While both still living together, Blake told New Idea they both underwent three months of counselling in a bid to mend the cracks in their relationship.
“We were walking on eggshells around each other, always trying to say the right thing,” he told the publication.
Blake and Louise on The Bachelor
“It was suffocating.”
He went on to say they had been unhappy for some time while Louise revealed it was Blake’s decision to call it quits.
She went on to admit that she struggled to come to terms with the fact she was not his first choice.
Blake famously proposed to Sam Frost in the final episode of The Bachelor only to change his mind after the cameras stopping rolling.

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