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Fitzy describes unsettling encounter with Scientology

Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald revealed on The Project that he had a close encounter with the Church of Scientology via Hollywood actress Jenna Elfman.

Radio host Ryan, better known as Fitzy from the Fitzy and Wippa show on Nova FM revealed a low point in his life when he was travelling in LA 13 years ago, not long after having had a knee reconstruction and bumped into Jenna Elfman at Santa Monica Pier, best known for her role in Dharma and Greg.
“I was a massive fan,” Fitzy said. “So I went up to her and asked for a photo and I got speaking to her and she said, ‘why are you travelling?’”
Fitzy explained that he had the knee injury and Jenna told him she knew how to “fix” his problems through a “purification process”.
“She goes, ‘Where are you from?’ And I said, ‘I’m from Adelaide,’ and she said, ‘I’ve got a contact for you [in Adelaide], it’s called the purification process and it will fix all your problems,” Fitzy told his Project co-panellists.
So Jenna gave him a contact of someone to see back home in Adelaide for when he got home. Little did he know, that it wasn’t a knee doctor or anything of the like!
Fitzy continued: “I thought I was going to see a doctor or a physio and I rocked up and it was the Church Of Scientology.”
Fitzy and Jenna Elfman, 13 years ago
“A guy brought me in, and there were all these people there and they said ‘Welcome, we’ve been waiting for you!’”
“He took me down into this dark room to watch this video of a young man who got injured and how he went to Scientology and got his way out of it.”
But when they stopped the video, it was completely black and I’m down in this basement ..waiting for someone to just knock me on the head with a baseball bat!”
He then kidded that they switched the lights on, “and I turn around and there’s John Travolta! “
The audience laughed at the joke, but Fitzy said he knew that it was no laughing matter and made his excuses to leave as soon as possible.
Fitzy said “I gave them a fake name and a fake number and address and I got out of there as quick as I could!”
The mysterious religion favoured by Hollywood stars such as Jenna, John Travolta and Tom Cruise has been making headlines recently after a documentary titled ‘Going Clear’ aired on TV in the States the States last week.
The film features the testimony of Mark “Marty” Rathbun, who was previously the second-highest ranking official in the Church of Scientology but who left in 2004 and is now speaking out against it.
Amidst his revelations were that Nicole Kidman has her phone tapped by the church while she was married to its highest profile member, Tom Cruise, after she was labelled a “Potential Trouble Source” (PTS) by the head of Scientology, David Miscavige.
Jenna Elfman has spoken publicly on behalf of the Church and she and her husband Bodhi are both listed on the religion’s website. Fitzy and Wippa today shared a flashback photo of him with Jenna at the time that he spoke about.
Tom and Nicole when they were still together and a part of Scientology

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