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"Jaimi's light will forever shine in little Trixie's heart and in Fifi's": Inside Fifi Box & Jaimi Kenny's unique relationship

The radio star's daughter Trixie is Jaimi's half-sister.

By Woman's Day team
Radio host Fifi Box is inconsolable following the heartbreaking death of her close friend and her daughter's half-sister, Jaimi Kenny.
"We laughed, we cried, we shared so many wonderful memories that I will keep alive for Trixie who loved her big sister so much, her little heart is broken," Fifi wrote on Instagram.
Friends say Fifi, 43, will never forget Jaimi reaching out to her and Trixie Belle, seven – with Jaimi regularly dropping by their Melbourne home for weeks at a time and often acting as nanny to her little girl.
"The loss of such a beautiful loving sister and friend is suffocating," says Fifi. (Instagram)
Despite Grant and Fifi splitting before Trixie's birth after a brief relationship in 2012, the radio star remained close to Grant's children.
Jaimi would often babysit her half-sister Trixie. (Instagram)
The two were very close. (Instagram)
"Jaimi adored Trixie and accepted and loved her dad's offspring from the get-go," a close friend tells Woman's Day.
"Jaimi longed to be a mum herself, so spending time with little Trixie was such a joy for her. Jaimi's light will forever shine in little Trixie's heart and in Fifi's."
After sharing her heartbreaking tribute to Jaimi on Instagram, Fifi's followers shared their own condolences.
"'I'm so sad for you, Fif, and especially lil' Trix. This is such big stuff for a little girl. We all know you will help and guide her through it beautifully cos you are beacon of love and light ALWAYS. ❤️❤️❤️," author and beauty guru Zoe Foster Blake said.
KIIS FM's Jackie O added: "Thinking of you Fifi. ❤️"

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