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Fifi Box gushes over daughter Trixie's first word

Fifi Box has shared an ‘Aww’ moment with listeners of her FM radio program.
The proud mum gushed during this morning’s Fifi and Dave Show as she revealed that her cute-as-a-button daughter, Trixie Belle, had said her first two-syllable word while the pair was busy playing dolls at home.
“I would like to share a little milestone that happened in my little family,” an excited Fifi announced.
“Trixie, my 13-month-old baby girl…ok this is big, said her first word.”
The 37-year-old single mother then went on to explain how the moment went down.
“Picture this, were sitting on my bed and we’re playing dollies,” she said.
Keen to share her daughters special moment, Fifi even brought in a recording and played it on air.
Listen to the audio below.

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