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Carrie Bickmore's selfless act on her last day of maternity leave is pure friend goals

If you thought she was a super mum before, you'd be right... and then some!

By Anita Lyons
Just when we thought The Project's Carrie Bickmore could not get anymore wonderful - the TV host has just proven she is the ultimate in #friendshipgoals.
In fact, it was another of her famous friends who shed light on this fact - Fifi Box.
On June 25, Fifi gave birth to her second daughter, Daisy Belle, and a few days later, Carrie delivered the most excellent care package filled with cheesy popcorn, cupcakes, crackers, jam tarts and croissants, as well as some treats she had to forego during her pregnancy.
And now, proving that she is completely selfless, she has done it again! The very day before ending her maternity leave.
Taking to her Instagram story, Fifi shared two plates of food, praising her "amazing friend" Carrie.
"On her last day of maternity leave, Carried cooks Trixie and I a delicious meal and drops it over!" she wrote.
See the post below!
Carrie cooked dinner for Fifi and Trixie as they adjust to their new life with Daisy! (Source: Instagram/Fifi Box)
When Daisy was born, Fifi took to Instagram to share the glorious news.
"Welcome to the world our beautiful little sweetheart Daisy Belle Box!! 💕💕. And just like that, our perfect little family became a whole lot 'perfecter'. Trixie and I are so hopelessly in love with Daisy, we can't wait to build our future with her, I am the luckiest mumma to be blessed with these two precious angels."
Since then, Fifi has shared an epic gallery FILLED with the most stunning photos of her girls, and we absolutely cannot stop looking!
Just look at this perfection! (Source: Instagram/Fifi Box)
And while Fifi is embarking on a new chapter with a newborn and a school-age child on her own, Carrie is starting her next chapter as a busy-working mum-of-three as she heads back to The Project desk.
Taking to her Instagram on Sunday night, the radio and TV host shared a throwback photo while heavily pregnant with her daughter, Adelaide.
"I love this pic so much. 💕," she captioned the post.
"The start of my maternity leave 8 months ago. I was so tired, so sore and just so happy to be home. I am gonna sound old now but it's all going tooo fast. Slow down life!!! ( I am going to be so sad when Ollie no longer wants to sit around and chat 😢)"
Carrie's throwback picture before Adelaide has us all smiling. (Source: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore)
Carrie and Fifi's friendship made our hearts burst when it was revealed that Carrie threw a surprise baby shower for her co-star and friend back in May.
In a heartfelt post on Instagram, the TV and radio personality wrote, "Thank you @bickmorecarrie for dragging me out of bed today and making me feel so special, you have been there every step of this journey checking in on me and encouraging me when I've been at my worst, and nothing is ever too much for you, you are one in a million and I am so lucky to have you 😘."
Talk about #friendshipgoals and #supermums!
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