Guy Sebastian cracks top 5 at Eurovision

Flying dancers, pianos on fire and some serious high notes? Looks like Eurovision has come around again.

Another year, another Eurovision Song Contest.
There were flying dancers, pianos on fire and some serious belting - but one thing was different.
Australia had come to play.
Sending our beloved Guy Sebastian, Australia joined the ranks of the wacky for the first time, and we didn't do too badly, either.
Placing a historic fifth, Mr Sebastian said it was a lot of pressure.
“There was so much pressure, you know, carrying the weight of Australia,” Sebastian told SBS, “People wearing ‘Team Guy’ T-shirts and paddles, and I just was feeling a lot of pressure … I just really wanted to represent Australia. But last night I just decided to breathe it all out and let it all go and just kind of have fun. That’s why I wrote the song. It’s a song about embracing the moment and not worrying about tomorrow and it’s sort of what we’re doing now.”
Guy might have felt like every eye in the world was on him, but don't worry, it was just Europe.
America still hasn't scored an invite.

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