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"Have a conversation - be aware": Erin Molan shares a poignant reminder from hosptial

The radio star had an important message for her followers and beyond.

By Jess Pullar
Erin Molan doesn't shy from using her platform and profile for the greater good.
And now, the radio star has done it again with a lengthy update from hospital - and while it was a routine visit, her message was more important than ever.
Sharing an image from her hospital bed, Erin began her post.
"Today I had a colonoscopy. My first one. My sister was diagnosed with stage 3/4 bowel cancer at 27 - over a decade ago. I've had the genetic testing but not this. I'd honestly been scared."
She continued: "I'd honestly been scared. I kept coming up with excuses to put it off. My sister went in for this procedure and woke up to life changing news... I sat on the edge of her hospital bed as her doctor said the words that no person/family ever wants to hear - so the thought of something similar happening terrified me."
After becoming an ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia, Erin has since dedicated a large portion of her life to research for the awful disease.
Erin shared an important update from hospital. (Instagram)
Erin continued to put off getting a colonoscopy for a long time - until everything changed.
"Having my daughter changed everything," she continued her post.
"My health was no longer just my concern - but hers. No one will ever love and protect her like her father and I will - so she deserves parents who do everything in their power to stay healthy for as long as possible. Covid delayed this last year but finally it's done. I can't stress enough how easy this was."
She admitted the procedure isn't exactly comfortable - but it's so worth it in the scheme of things.
"I teared up a bit as the anaesthetic started to go in - I was a bit emotional - but my next memory was waking up without any soreness at all to the most wonderful doctor and nurses! If something doesn't feel right talk to your GP. If you notice changes talk to your GP," she urged.
The TV and radio star uses her platform to share important messages. (Instagram)
Concluding her poignant post, Erin discussed the worrying stats related to bowel cancer, explaining that it is the second most common cancer in Australia.
"But if you get it early enough 99% of cases are treatable!
"We get told growing up to slip slop slap - skin cancer, don't smoke - lung cancer, check your breasts - breast cancer: but it's only fairly recently that @bowelcanceraustralia has started to enter mainstream media discussion - and about bloody time!"
Ending her post, Erin said: "Thanks to all who speak openly about something that isn't particularly pretty or pleasant... but the lives of those we love may just depend on it! Have a conversation - be aware xxx"
Don't delay - get tested if something is wrong, Erin urges. (Instagram)
Ever the advocate, Erin is no stranger to using her platform to speak out on important issues - and this one is more important than ever.
And as we go about our lives, it's important to remember that health, and the wellness of those around us can be nurtured and cared for if we're willing to be vulnerable an talk about it.
We're cheering for Erin for shedding light on such a pertinent topic - we can all learn something from it.

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