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Erin Molan's Google search history will strike a serious chord with every new mum

No one knows you like Google!

By Holly Royce
When in doubt it, Google it!
No one knows our deepest inner workings quite so well as Google - and nothing proves that more than the Google search history of new mum, Erin Molan.
The host of the Nine Network's The Footy Show gave birth to a daughter on June 6th, and as any new Mum knows the first few months (and years) are a time plagued with questions.
"Life looks a little different these days..." Erin shares on Instagram.
Erin's co-worker, Nine journalist Sophie Walsh took the plunge first, bravely sharing her Google Search history on her twitter page.
"My latest searches ... " Sophie shared on social media, much to the delight of her fans.
This paved the way for Erin to bear all, replying "Think that's bad @sophie_walsh9 - my latest searches..." and attaching a screenshot of her Google searches which include the questions: "Does onion flavour breast milk" and "When do babies sleep through the night?".
Boy, do we ever feel you on those questions, Erin!
Eliza is the first child for Erin, 35, and her fiancé, Sean Ogilvy, who have been engaged since early 2017.
Erin's pregnancy wasn't all smooth sailing. The TV host was rushed to hospital in March, after fainting at work.
It was a terrifying moment for the mum-to-be, who was taken to hospital from the Nine Network studios.
"I needed an ambulance – it wasn't pleasant," the 35-year-old told TV WEEK of the experience.
"The issue was low blood pressure combined with an early start. And because your body is pumping so much blood, you can get weak."

"I couldn't have cared less about myself," she said. "But I was worried I might have hurt my baby when I fell.
Fortunately, it all worked out for Erin, Sean and their baby girl, Eliza.
Erin is set to return to work in the next few weeks.