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Erin Molan is dating again after her shock split – but don’t call her “skanky” for it

The devoted mum is embracing her new single life!

By Maddison Leach
Erin Molan has opened up about the realities of dating again as a single mother, confessing that she's not going about it in a "skanky way".
The TV and radio personality split from her fiancé Sean Ogilvy in September 2021, though the former couple continue to co-parent their daughter Eliza.
In the months since the shock break-up, Erin has kept mum about dating and romance, but now she's shed new light on her approach to love in 2022.
Speaking on her 2Day FM radio show on Monday, Erin was quizzed by co-host Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes about her return to the dating world.
Erin Molan has opened up about dating after her split. (Instagram)
"It is fair to say the single life has not been unkind to you?" he asked the 39-year-old.
Playing coy, Erin responded: "But not in a skanky way. It has been fruitful, let's just say it has been fruitful."
When Hughesy and fellow co-host Ed Kavalee dug deeper, asking if Erin had met someone new, she told them that "no one cares" about her relationship status.
The blokes insisted that the mum-of-one "looks happy" and must have met someone, at which point Erin finally gave in and revealed new details about her approach to meeting someone new.
"There might be. Don't say stuff you know I wouldn't want you to say," she said.
"I have met some people, not in a romantic sense, but I may have. I meet people day to day. I meet people at the shops, I met someone down at the carpark this morning in security."
While Erin wouldn't confirm if she had met someone new or was in a relationship, it's clear she's making the most of her new single life and meeting new people.
Of course, that doesn't have to be in a romantic – or, as Erin puts it, "skanky" – way.
The 39-year-old has made it clear on several occasions that her biggest priority will always be her daughter Eliza, three, and being the best mum she can be.
"The thought of looking back and regretting not having a lot of time with her, or regretting putting other things ahead of her, would just make me feel physically ill," Erin told TV WEEK in 2020.
"Being the best mum to her is my priority times a billion over anything else."
Erin has said her daughter will always be her first priority. (Instagram)
Erin previously admitted that she's made time to look after herself since her split from Eliza's father.
Just weeks after she and Sean announced they had parted ways, the newly single mum told her radio co-hosts that she cried to sad break up songs to get her feelings out.
"I realised yesterday when I had an hour to myself that I hadn't done that yet, so I put on break-up songs and it was amazing. It was so cathartic," she confessed.
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