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Erin Molan is all of us as she learns from an epically catastrophic kitchen malfunction

Things got a little messy.

By Faye Couros
Channel Nine's Erin Molan may know everything about sport and good journalism, but when it comes to baking, there is a lot the star is still mastering.
Baking is a science that requires precision, patience, and talent, which can come naturally for some, but for many of us, it requires practice and a dash of luck.
And if you fancy yourself an aspiring baker, then you can look to Erin for some validation because this week, the 38-year-old has shared her oh so relatable and disastrous baking mishap that will help you feel less alone.
Sometimes this is just how the cookie crumbles. Instagram
Sharing her baking efforts via Instagram on Monday evening, she posted a picture of her oven filled with mutilated cookies that had managed to crumble and fall.
Of course, if one doesn't laugh, they will cry, so Erin turned this failure into an opportunity to learn a lesson.
In her caption, the mother-of-one explained she approached her baking odyssey with some new techniques.
"Cookie baking take 2… I made the following improvements from take 1: put oven on right temp and setting rather than 'grill', actually used baking paper PLUS checked 7 minutes in (5 minutes before estimated cook time!)," she wrote.
However, despite these technical changes, she concluded her message with a post-cookie-apocalypse revelation.
"And still - this was the result… I'll stay in my lane from now on 🤦‍♀️🙄😞," she finished.
"I'll stay in my lane from now on," Erin, pictured with her daughter Eliza, joked. Instagram
In the comment section, cook and MasterChef star Courtney Roulston attempted to give Erin a solution for her baking woes, which is a lesson for everyone.
"Erin!!! 😂 you've got every right to blame the upside-down roasting tray for the landslide!"
"We need to get you a flat baking tray gurl," Courtney told Erin.
Erin's other famous friends also realised she might need some extra encouragement.
Former Bachelor star Bella Varelis wrote, "Hahahaha honestly I would've still eaten them… is that bad 😂," and Jessica Rowe sent some positive emojis, simply writing: "👏👏👏👏👏."
At least she has many talents to fall back on. Instagram
However, one salient light at the end of the tunnel (and really the only thing that mattered) was revealed after A Current Affair's Tracy Grimshaw commented, "Bet they taste great."
Erin replied, "@_tracy_grimshaw they were actually bloody divine!!! X."
Yet another more proof that looks are only crust deep.