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Too cute: Erin Molan shares first baby pics of baby daughter Eliza

Blessed doesn’t even come close..

By Alex Lilly
Hold onto your ovaries, because you're about to see some insanely cute baby pictures.
TV presenter Erin Molan has shared her first snaps of baby daughter Eliza on Instagram since giving birth earlier this month and our hearts have well and truly melted.
The Footy Show host summed it up in her caption saying, "Blessed doesn't even come close... more in love than we could have ever imagined. Thank you for all the support and beautiful messages. We are overwhelmed and so grateful xxx Our beautiful girl Eliza."
Little Eliza Emily Ogilvy made her Instagram debut.
Too cute!
Speaking to 9Honey, Erin said that little Eliza is doing well and is simply grateful that she is a happy and healthy baby.
"She's healthy and happy and we're just very blessed."
"I remember my mum saying to people, when we were young and growing up, 'as long as they're healthy and happy I couldn't care what they do for a living, or what they look like, or anything else' and it's so true.
"You've got the lottery if you have healthy, happy kids."
"I have such a newfound respect and appreciation for mothers and fathers, let me tell you."
And of course, the new addition to the family is having an impact on new parents Erin and fiancé Sean Ogilvy. who have been engaged since early 2017.
"We're 15 days into parenthood and it's tiring but the most incredible thing we've both ever done."
"I have such a newfound respect and appreciation for mothers and fathers, let me tell you."
Eliza with her proud grandpa, Jim Molan.
Parenting may be going well, but Erin had some issues during her pregnancy. Erin previously told TV WEEK that she was rushed to hospital in March, after fainting at work.
"I needed an ambulance – it wasn't pleasant."
"The issue was low blood pressure combined with an early start. And because your body is pumping so much blood, you can get weak."
"I couldn't have cared less about myself," she said. "But I was worried I might have hurt my baby when I fell."
We're so glad the whole family is happy and healthy now, congratulations guys!