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Emma Thompson's guide to dropping two dress sizes while still drinking wine

Cheers to that.

By Amber Manto
British actress Emma Thompson has slimmed down recently in case you hadn’t noticed.
She credits her personal trainer and food guru, Louise Parker (the same woman who trains the Duchess of Cambridge) for her healthier physique and says she actually ate a very normal diet while shedding the weight as per Louise's instructions. This included a glass of vino.
“I love that her method is NOT a diet — and is genuinely sustainable — so I can have my glass of wine and manage to avoid spending the rest of the week eating cheesy wotsits,” she tells People.
They’re some sort of corn-derived, artificially flavoured puffed snack in case you’re wondering.
Louise’s method is actually pretty simple. Emma ate three square meals a day, two snacks and enjoyed the occasion tipple. She also trained 90 minutes a day, six days a week.
This resulted in an 8kg weight loss over a six week period.
“She [Louise] toughens me up without driving me round the bend with kale juice and the more depressing style of sprout.”
While training with Louise will set you back somewhere in the vicinity of $7,415 for six weeks, in her new cookbook, which will only cost you around $20, she goes more in-depth about her method so that you too can slim down like Emma Thompson without, well, going without (or going broke).

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