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Emily Blunt reveals the best thing about playing Mary Poppins

The mother-of-two is set to play the classic role in the new film adaptation.

By Abbi Malbon
It’s one of the most famous roles of all time, but playing Mary Poppins is no biggie for Emily Blunt, who’s most important job is being mum to her two bubs; Violet, four-months and Hazel, two.
In a new interview with InStyle magazine, the Girl on the Train actress admitted that playing the legendary role is a "gift" to her daughters – as is the clothes she gets to wear for her roles!
“My daughter thinks it’s thrilling when my stylist comes over with racks of clothes. I always let her try on the stilettos.”
Sounds like a top mum to us! But Emily, who gave birth to Violet in July this year, admits that transitioning to being a mother of two hasn’t been easy – or practical.
“After we got home from the hospital, I didn’t shower for a week, and then John and I were like, 'Let’s go out for dinner.'
“I could last only about an hour because my boobs were exploding. When the milk first comes in, it’s like a tsunami. But we went, just to prove to ourselves that we could feel normal for a second.”
Luckily, big sister Hazel seems to be getting on just fine with the new family addition now: “There have been no physical attacks or suffocations,” Emily joked. “She fluctuates between complete disinterest and moments of sheer passion.”
Emily and John are parents to Violet and Hazel
Emily may be a hugely successful Hollywood actress now, but the Devil Wears Prada actress didn’t always manage to communicate so easily. She admitted to having a speech impediment as a child, and says it has shaped who she is today.
“I got teased a lot, and to this day, I hate the unkindness in people and bullies.
“I think whatever you have to overcome in life ultimately paves the way [for whom you become as an adult].”
The brunette beauty says that her stuttering was so bad, that she often would refer to herself as a different name, since Emily was difficult to pronounce.
WATCH: Emily talk about her kid's confused accents in the video player below!
And despite her perfectly-spoken English, Emily admitted to still suffering on rare occasions as an adult: “Even nowadays, when I’m tired or I feel put on the spot, I still sometimes struggle to get the words out.
“When I make a phone call — especially if I’m calling someone I don’t know — I have to mentally prepare myself. There’s always a big pause between when they ask ‘Who’s calling?’ and when I say ‘Emily Blunt.'”

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