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Is 2DayFM's Em Rusciano hard to work with? Insiders say things on the show are "at breaking point"

There's reportedly a huge feud brewing within the 2DayFM family... And it's making for a ratings disaster.

By Chloe Lal
We all thought the biggest egos, tantrums and dramas was something left to Australia's breakfast TV hosts.
But it turns out any work involving breakfast can lead to crying over spilt milk.
An explosive new report fresh from the Daily Telegraph claims the team at Sydney's 2DayFM have reached "breaking point", with allegations her colleagues can no longer work with the show's host Em Rusciano, who co-anchors the morning slot with former Family Feud host Grant Denyer and Tiffany Hall's hubby Ed Kavalee.
The paper report that "several people" have left, claiming, "Things are at breaking point, people just cannot work with her [Em's] energy. There have been... casualties at the hands of Em Rusciano."

On Tuesday's show, Em allegedly didn't speak to her co-hosts off-air, with the paper sharing, "it come just days after Rusciano launched an ­expletive-filled tirade calling Sydney media c--s and accusing station executives of 'injecting two people into my show'."
Apparently Ed is also not speaking to Em - and the issues don't stop there.
"The audio producer is now working on another show, the publicist is refusing to work with her and one of the producers has told the company that they are looking for other work. All of that on top of the previous host (Harley Breen) leaving," a source tells the publication.

The drama is believed to have escalated when Ed, who is often described as one of the "nicest guys in radio", was offended by his colleague's remarks to Wil Anderson.
"I, all of a sudden, got two co-hosts that I'd never really met or spoken to, and then I'm expected to have this instant chemistry with," Em said on Wil's podcast.
"It was hectic. It was the Em Rusciano Radio Show - it was my show!"
"And then all of a sudden Ed's anchoring and the show's called The 2Day FM Breakfast Show."
In the same candid interview, the radio host admitted she struggled with the demands of breakfast radio.
"I don't think I'm suited to breakfast radio," she told Wil.
"I just hate, I don't want to be part of the numbing and dumbing of society. I think that's going on enough. And sometimes I struggle with the idea of some of the things we do – it's so frivolous and unnecessary and flippant. I work really hard to do this job, I don't find it easy.
"I think I'm probably hurtling towards some sort of implosion in the next six months."
Em is yet to respond to these latest allegations.