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Elton John confesses his most outlandish demand

Elton John makes an appearance on James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke and reveals a bizarre demand.

Elton John is no stranger to unsolicited outbursts and extravagant demands.
But asking a hotel manager to change the weather is perhaps one of the most idealistic.
Between belting some of his greatest hits, including the Lion King and Tiny Dancer, His Royal Tantrum-Thrower made the confession to James Cordon during an episode of Carpool Karaoke.
“I’d been up for a couple of days… and I was still up at 11 o’clock in the morning and I rang the office and spoke to a guy called Robert Key. I said ‘Robert, it’s far too windy here, can you do something about it?’
“I can imagine him putting his hand over the receiver and going ‘she’s finally lost the plot.’
“It wasn’t a tantrum as such, but as reality goes it was pretty far off the chart,” John said.
While the request may seem wildly outlandish, it’s no match for some of John’s other hissy fit moments.
There was his tantrum at a Grammy rehearsal with Lady Gaga in 2012 when he kicked everyone out so the duo could work on their ‘art’.
Or the time he stormed off a tennis court and booked the next flight home, just because a woman waved at him.
And we can’t forget the time he allegedly said he wanted to “kill” reality TV stars who called themselves celebrities.
And there’s always the rumour he requests his room be heated to specific temperatures during winter and summer, fit ten people, have mood lighting and an array of seating options, plus an extra room for his glasses.
We’d like to say we’re sure his kids will dish it back at him but John also told Cordon he loves it when his kids throw tantrums.
“I haven’t had one second in Zachary or Elijah’s life where I’ve felt they’ve ever got on my nerves,” he said.
Moral of the story, when Elton John says “don’t let the sun go down on me”, you better grab those fireproof gloves.

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