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Ellen Pompeo doesn't want to act after Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo has revealed she plans to move on from acting once the popular television show ends.

Speaking at BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live, the 44-year-old said she doesn't have a "strong desire" to act after the medical drama, which is up to it’s eleventh season.
"I feel myself transitioning. I don’t find acting terribly empowering. For the place I am in my life … I don’t necessarily want to work for other people," she said.
"With acting, I don’t feel I have anything to prove anymore," she added.
Pompeo said she wouldn't rule out acting in the future, but would prefer to try and challenge herself in another area.
"I would like to try and see if I could do something different, and be successful at something different. I feel like I'm very successful at acting, at my definition of success. Some other people want films or Oscars or whatever, and that’s their journey. For my journey, I kind of feel like I did the absolute top of what I could do with television, and I would like to try a new sport and see if I’m any good at something else."

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