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WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres embarrasses Portia de Rossi with bad hair photos

One of the joys of sharing your life with someone you love, is having them share your embarrassing stories to friends - just ask Portia de Rossi who was left in a fit of giggles when wife Ellen showed a series of bad hair photon on national television!
Ellen shared sneaky pictures of Aussie-born actress Portia’s bad hair days - much to the delight of her live audience.
Though we're not sure Portia was as happy about it!
“Her hair is very, very thick. So there are hairstyles that occur that I just go, ‘I have to take a picture of this’,” explained Ellen.
“I’m just sitting on the sofa watching TV and I see this phone just come out of nowhere… She just takes pictures constantly,” said Portia, defending herself.
And it looks like she's not finished yet either.
“You know there’s something called Instagram," said Portia.
"I’ll get you back."
And we simply cannot wait.

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