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Ellen DeGeneres wants to hang out with distant cousin Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine and Ellen are actually related, and the talk show host thinks it's about time they spent some time together.

By Elizabeth Best
Years ago Ellen DeGeneres revealed on her hit TV talk show that she was related to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge – then Kate Middleton.
And the 58-year-old is ready to start hanging out with her royal relation!
"Everyone thinks I'm joking, but I'm not,” the star told the Daily Mail. "So, if we're related, we should start hanging out together."
Ellen is is 15th cousin to Kate through their common ancestor Sir Thomas Fairfax.
See Ellen's big reveal of her royal relation to Kate in the clip below, then post continues.
Ellen recently attended Wimbledon with her wife Portia Di Rossi on the same day as her cousin the Duchess of Cambridge and her hubby, Prince William.
The funnywoman even said she’s willing to start dressing Prince George up in cool threads.
"I saw that picture of Prince George in his robe with President Obama and I'm like, 'I have a clothing line [ED by Ellen], I can give him clothes, I can make a special robe for him.'
See the adorable moment Prince George met President Obama in the little robe in the video below... Post continues.
Ellen says she has loads of cool clothes she can deck the little Prince out in.
“I don't know why they don't want to get in good with me because I'm like a gravy train for that kid," she continued.
Not to mention that Ellen is famous for her role as Dory in Disney’s hit Finding Nemo series, which we’re sure Prince George would love.
So if she’s so keen to spend time with distant royal relation Prince George, does that mean she wants her own kids with her partner Portia Di Rossi some day?
Do Ellen and Portia want kids of their own?
"People do ask me when I’m going to have kids myself," she said.
"The thing is, I'm really good with them for small amounts of time, but anyone can be good at anything for small amounts of time.
"If someone has a snake on the show, I'm OK with it for five minutes, but I wouldn't want a snake for life. Not that I'm comparing kids to snakes, of course!" she added with a laugh.

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