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Elle Macpherson takes a tumble at the Vienna Opera Ball

What a tumbELLE!

By Alex Lilly
You would've thought that Elle Macpherson would have mastered her strut after years of walking on runways but it turns out she has a clumsy side just like us.
The 54 year-old supermodel was at a media press conference ahead of the Vienna Opera Ball when she lost her footing and took a tumble on her way down the stage steps.
Watch the moment in the player above!
Laughing it off, Elle immediately declared "Ta da!" as security rushed to Elle's aid with one reporter even asking if she was ok.
"Yes, you know what it is? There are so many camera flashes I can't see. That's why, guys, it's nice to let us walk a bit," she replied to the photographers.
Elle was in the Austrian capital to attend the exclusive Vienna Opera Ball with business tycoon Richard Lugner, who pays a female celebrity to accompany him every year. Past celebrity lady friends have included Geri Horner (aka Ginger Spice), Paris Hilton, Sarah 'Fergie' Ferguson and even Kim Kardashian and mum Kris Jenner, the latter two of whom Lugner paid a whopping $500,000 to attend.
Elle was a guest of Richard Lugner, who pays a female celebrity to accompany him every year. (Image: REX Features)
Lugner's date with the Kardashian mum and daughter duo didn't go so well though as he called her "annoying" for not sticking to the schedule while Kim left abruptly after a man in blackface came up to her pretending to be her husband, Kanye West.
"I don't get why him or anyone else would find this funny. This is supposed to be a really nice upscale event. How did this guy get in? Is this just like a sick joke?" Kim said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Kim and momager Kris attended the exclusive event back in 2014. (Image: Getty Images)
This isn't the first time The Body has tripped up. When she was back in her home country for the 2018 Melbourne Cup, poor old Elle stacked it as she left a florist in Sydney.
Waving to the onslaught of photographers, the supermodel was getting back into her car when she suddenly fell to the ground between the car and the gutter.
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The former Britain's Next Top Model host may have been wined and dined by a millionaire gentleman, but Woman's Day previously reported that Elle is engaged to the controversial anti-vaccine campaigner, Andrew Wakefield after a large diamond was spotted on her ring finger as she arrived in Melbourne last year.
"Even though they've only been dating publicly for a few months, Elle is serious about Andrew and it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone that knows them if they're about to make it official," an inside spilled.
61 year-old Andrew made headlines in 2010 when he was banned from practising medicine in Britain after publishing a discredited study that falsely linked autism to the MMR vaccine.
"Not everyone approves of her choice in a partner," added the insider. "But Elle doesn't care what anyone else thinks."

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