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Edwina Bartholomew reveals mystery postpartum symptom after giving birth to her son

And shares her unique pain relief method.

By Faye Couros
After giving birth to her son, Edwina Bartholomew has started to experience a frustrating postpartum symptom.
The television presenter has been battling an unruly toothache, and she turned to her Instagram Stories to ask her followers if they have dealt with anything similar.
She also revealed that she's still stumped by the situation even after trying to work out what's going on.
Edwina asked her fans for any advice. (Image: Instagram)
Edwina posted a picture of herself wincing with an eye mask over her jaw and a tooth emoji over her cheek.
"Has anyone ever had a postpartum toothache?" she asked.
"Went to the dentist thinking it was a filling. Nothing on x-ray. Now I'm convinced it's tension in my jaw and shoulders. Is that a thing?!"
She also explained to her fans the reason she decided using an eye mask was the best way to manage her pain.
"This is supposed to be a warming eye mask and is helping somewhat," she confessed.
Molly reading next to her brother. (Image: Image)
Despite her painful dental ordeal, Edwina's children Molly and Thomas are bonding perfectly.
Over the weekend, she shared a couple of snaps of her babies sitting on their carpet, reading through a family photo album with other books scattered on the floor.
In March, she excitedly updated her fans after the success of her first solo car trip with a baby and toddler.
She shared two pictures from the trip, one featuring her smiling outside the car and another with her kids in the vehicle.
"Picture 1 -The smug look of a mother who just survived her first solo car trip with a baby and a toddler," she captioned them.
"The delirious look of a mother who five minutes into said solo car trip." (Image: Image)
"Picture 2 - The delirious look of a mother who five minutes into said solo car trip was already in the back seat feeding one child and changing another."
Edwina's son arrived on Tuesday, March 1, and she announced the happy news on her Instagram.
"Some small news from our family," she captioned a touching photo of her little boy.
"Thomas Donald Elliott Varcoe born on March 1, 2022. At such a difficult time for so many, many people, we hope Tom's little face puts a smile on yours."