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EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Alcott defends Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan at the 2019 ARIA Awards

''They get a bad rap so lay off them.''

By Alex Lilly
Attending Australia's biggest music awards show is pretty cool, but we reckon a highlight of Dylan Alcott's year was receiving a personal letter of congratulations from Prince Harry.
The Paralympian and The Set presenter chatted exclusively to Now To Love with his co-host Linda Marigliano and shared what he thought of the red-headed royal and his wife, Duchess Meghan.
The Set's Linda Marigliano and Dylan Alcott looked swish on the red carpet. (Image: Getty Images)
When asked by Now To Love if he's hoping for a Christmas card from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after receiving a personal letter earlier this year, Dylan, 28, replied, "I'd be pretty happy if he did."
"It was also pretty nice that he mentioned the Logies, I didn't know he was a big Logies fan," he added, referring to Prince Harry's message of congratulations for Dylan's Most Popular New Talent award at the TV WEEK Logie Awards this year.
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan recently admitted in an explosive documentary filmed during their royal tour of Africa that that they are struggling with the many negative tabloid articles being reported about them and as someone who has met the couple, Dylan had some words to say to their haters.
Dylan met the Sussexes in October during their royal tour in 2018. (Image: Instagram @dylanalcott)
"He's a good man, so's his beautiful partner," the tennis champ said. "They get a bad rap so lay off them because they're very nice people."
Dylan met Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan during their 2018 Australia tour when they flew over for the Invictus Games and watched Harry try on his special pair of Invictus budgy smugglers- something Harry mentioned in his letter to Dylan.
"I'm wondering if you wore your Invictus Games budgie smugglers on the big night to accept it? Mine have come in handy in this recent UK heatwave!" Harry added in a PS in his letter.
WATCH: Prince Harry puts a pair of budgie smugglers on over his pants. Post continues after video...
Australians were captivated by Dylan's moving acceptance speech at the TV WEEK Logie Awards when he remarked that he used to hate having a disability becuase of the poor representation of disabled Australians on television.
"When I did see someone like me, it was a road safety ad where someone drink drives has a car accident and the next scene is someone like me, whose life is over," he explained.
"I was like that's not my life. I want to get a job on TV. I love sharing stories. Also to show that people with disability can be talented, funny, humorous, just normal people enjoying their lives."
"There are 4.5 million people like me with a disability," Dylan added. "Whether it's in education, employment, going on a date, whatever it is, please give them an opportunity too, because there are a lot of bloody talented people out there. I promise you they won't disappoint."