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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tops Forbes' highest-paid actor list

But you won't believe who came in at number two...

By Elizabeth Best
After Forbes announced their highest paid female actor list yesterday, it’s the men’s turn today and boy, are there some surprises.
In a result no one saw coming, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been named as the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, banking a whopping $US64.5 million between June 2015 and June 2016.
Taking to Twitter shortly after the new, the star penned a hilarious status joking that he can shout everyone waffles.
"Want to say two things about this. I started w/ $7 bucks. If I can overcome, so can you. Waffle House on me!!" The Rock wrote to his some 10 million followers.
His amassed fortune this year has come from upfront payments for films such as Central Intelligence, Fast 8 and the upcoming Baywatch flick that has him starring as Mitch Buchannon, the role David Hasslehoff made famous.
But the surprises didn’t stop there: number two on the list was none other than action movie legend Jackie Chan!
Jackie Chan came outta nowhere!
Sure, we might not have seen him on the big screen in a while, but he’s been making major coin making movie after movie over in China, and showing no signs of stopping.
The 62-year-old made $US61 million.
Matt Damon being so high on this list was also quite a surprise.
Number three on the list was Matt Damon, who managed to get $US55 million, which was mostly due to the success of The Martian.
That’s a massive 120 per cent more than he made last year.
So Ben Affleck totally snuck Matt Damon onto the set of a talk show, and the result was hilarious. Check out the video below, then post continues.
And rounding out the top five were Tom Cruise, a regular on Forbes list with $US53 million, and Johnny Depp with $US48 million.
Ben Affleck scraped in at number 6 for his DC franchise films, taking home $US43 million.
The massive amounts earned by Hollywood men have reignited talk among insiders about the gender pay gap.
Jlaw took home nearly $18 million dollars less than the highest-paid male actor.
Jennifer Lawrence, who topped the list for the females made $US46 million.
JLaw has often spoken out about getting paid less than her male costars.
“When the Sony hack happened and I found out how much less I was being paid than the lucky people with d*cks, I didn’t get mad at Sony,” Jennifer said. “I got mad at myself.”
Sassy Jennifer isn't above telling off reporters either. Check out her wicked diss in the video below.

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