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Is Dr Chris Brown engaged to his new love Liv Phyland?

The handsome vet has found The One in gorgeous TV presenter Liv Phyland!

He's long been considered one of Australia's most eligible bachelors, but Dr Chris Brown is officially off the market!
It's believed the handsome vet has been quietly dating fellow Ten star Liv Phyland for several months. And, according to Woman's Day's exclusive source, friends are betting that Chris will be getting down on one knee sooner rather than later!
"They really are a perfect match. You couldn't find two people more perfect for each other. Everyone is so thrilled Chris has finally found The One. He's such a great bloke and he and Liv deserve all the happiness in the world," reveals an industry insider.
"It wouldn't surprise anyone if an engagement announcement is forthcoming."
Do we spy a ring on that finger? (Image: Instagram @livphyland)
And Liv seems to be already teasing the exciting news by wearing a ring on that finger!
Chris, 40, has made no secret of the fact he wants to settle down and start a family. When asked recently if he'd like to be a father, he enthusiastically replied, "Absolutely", before adding that the one thing he wants to teach his future children is "to never underestimate the value of integrity".
Liv – who hosts music show The Loop on digital channel 10 Peach – and Chris have been friends for several years and move in the same social circle. Liv also appeared on Chris' show The Living Room in July, where the pair's obvious chemistry was clear for all to see.
"Everyone always thought they'd make a great couple," continues the source. "But the timing was never right – they were either dating other people or focused on their careers."
Liv appeared on Chris' show The Living Room in July. (Image: Instagram @livphyland)
According to a second source, Liv, 28, has long had a crush on Chris. Woman's Day hears she even once declared that he was her dream celebrity date!
"Liv was at a party a few years ago and mentioned she thought Chris is the perfect man," reveals an acquaintance of the bubbly blonde. "She said he's gentle, loves animals and seems to always be up for an adventure."
News of the couple's relationship was revealed late last month. Chris and Liv enjoyed a holiday to Sydney's Central Coast, where they were spotted picking up some items at a truck stop in Wyong on November 23.
"They left together in a white Range Rover, he was driving and she was in the passenger seat," a source told The Daily Telegraph.
"The boot was packed with surfing gear that looked like they were headed off for a weekend."
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Surfing and the great outdoors are just two of the passions Liv and Chris have in common.
"I'm in the water twice a day and I love surfing and yoga," she once revealed. "I cram a million different things into my day."
They also share a love of Bondi Beach. The exclusive Sydney suburb, of course, is Dr Chris' stomping ground, while Liv made it her home when she relocated from Melbourne in 2015 to start hosting The Loop.
"Bondi is such a community," she's previously said. "There's a real mix of hippies, surfers, backpackers, families, and down to earth, fun humans that all seem to have each other's back."
Both Chris and Liv are ocean lovers and keen surfers. (Images L-R: Instagram @drchrisbrown/Instagram @livphyland)

Who is Liv Phyland?

Describing herself as a "TV chatterbox, ocean lover and adventure seeker" Liv is best known to Aussies as the bubbly host of The Loop, alongside Scott Tweedie.
Born in Wagga Wagga in country NSW, Liv studied psychology and nutrition at university in Melbourne and Ballarat, before hosting ABC kids show Studio3.
Liv previously dated actor Nick Slater who she met while they were both living in the same street in Bondi.
The bubbly blonde hosts The Loop with Scott Tweedie. (Image: Instagram @livphyland)

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