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Donald Trump slams Alec Baldwin's Saturday Night Live send-up

Believes the show is part of media conspiracy which aims to sabotage his campaign.

Donald Trump is still wading through the murky waters of his election campaign and in his latest bid to gain back some ground has called out the media on Twitter. He claims they are “rigging” the election by showing him in an unsavoury light and has hit back at Alec Baldwin for his latest Trump impression on Saturday Night Live stating it “stinks” and describing the show as doing a “hit job” on him.
On social media, Baldwin has been praised for his scarily accurate portrayal of the Republican candidate which has become a running skit on SNL over the last month. The latest episode saw Baldwin and fellow actor Kate McKinnon re-enact Trump and Clinton’s second debate and mocked Trump over a number of recent verbal slip-ups which included getting the date of the election wrong, as well as his constant pacing on stage.
Trump's latest tweet was quite a different tune to the one he was singing 11 months when he hosted the late-night show.
Trump and Clinton will face off one last time in another debate this week before the election takes place on November 8.
Watch: Alec Baldwin nails his impression of Donald Trump.

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