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Dirty Dancing! Elizabeth Hurley shares a very risque flashback photo

Elizabeth Hurley is not shy of posting a throwback photo or two and fans were recently treated to a particularly special shot.

By Blake Nadilo
Liz Hurley posted an image of herself from a photoshoot where she seemed to be chanelling a stripper.
In the snap, the mother-of-one's incredible figure is fully highlighted thanks to a string bikini and sparkling sky-high boots.
To complete the daring ensemble, Liz rocks tumbling brunette tresses and smokey, dramatic make-up. The star navigates the stripper poles with ease as she hangs upside down from it.
Men can be seen in the background holding wads of cash as the British bombshell captivates their attention.
The picture that caught EVERYONE'S attention!
“Misspent youth? @ellenvonunwerth #vegas #bestmemories,” she captioned the sexy shot.
The actress tagged legendary fashion photographer Ellen Von Unworth in the snap, who is responsible for Kim Kardashian’s latest Vogue Brazil cover.The Austin Powers star has been keeping busy of late, travelling back and forth from the US and the UK to promote her wildly successful new show The Royals.
Shane Warne’s former flame shines in the leading role as Queen Helena. The E! series, which has just been renewed for another round, is a modern take on the British Royal family.
Hmm, we wonder if she'll bring those racy moves to season two of the show?

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