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Awkward! Diplo doesn’t remember having sex with Katy Perry

The DJ claps back at the pop star after she dissed his skills in the sack.

By Zoe Burrell
In case you missed it, Katy Perry ranked three ex-lovers by how well they perform in the bedroom during her recent live stream event.
James Corden appeared on Katy’s Witness World Wide YouTube live stream on Sunday and the pair played Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, a truth-or-dare-like game where James asked her to rank her lovers, shall we say, sexpertise.
So who came out on top? John Mayer came up trumps with Orlando Bloom a close second, leaving poor Diplo – who she dated for several months in 2014 – in last place.
It seems the DJ wasn’t too thrilled about his alleged shortcomings. Vice’s music channel, Thump tweeted the rankings and Diplo threw some serious shade at the pop singer.
“I don’t even remember having sex,” he tweeted. Savage!
He also shared an image of himself with the caption, “I won the bronze medal in sex Olympics”. Er, ok then.
Of course, Katy was visibly cringing as she ranked the fellas, noting, "They're all amazing lovers, and I would have sex with all of them when I get out of this place!” But too little, too late, K-Pez. The damage was already done.
Meanwhile, she also opened up about the one who got away… and it’s clearly not Diplo. That title goes to Josh Groban, who she dated back in 2009.
"People are like, who's the one who got away? That's Groban," she told James, adding that her hit song of the same title was indeed about the singer. "He's one of my good friends. I love him so much. He's the best."
Well, he is currently single. Now’s your chance to win him back, Katy!

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