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Did Prince Frederik propose to Mary on the side of the road?

It appears Channel 10 may have taken a few liberties with telling of the story of the Danish royal romance.

Channel 10 aired its two-hour dramatisation of the romance between Tassie girl, Mary, and the Crown Prince of Denmark last night.
While the fairytale meeting of the pair in a Sydney nightclub, and a romance fit for a Princess were all actual events, it appears that a large dose of poetic license was used in the making of the telemovie.
Fans of the Danish Royal couple know that Frederik proposed in Rome whereas the telemovie 'Australianised' the scene by getting the character of the prince, played by Ryan O'Kane, down on bended knee on the side of a Tasmanian Highway after Mary was car sick.
"You don't need to do that," said the actress. "You'll get gravel rash."
According to his biography, Frederik - Crown Prince of Denmark, the Prince revealed -
"I had decided that I'd propose to Mary in Rome and had also organised an engagement ring and made sure that I was able to be alone with her.
"It just worked perfectly. Not just because I wanted to go down on my knee but I did, it's the right way to do it. And then I just said, 'You cannot say no, you must not say no, you'll have to say yes.' And then she said yes and it was beautiful and happy. We were happy and just the two of us," reports the Daily Mail.
Although there were strong similarities between the appearance of actress, Emma Hamilton, and Princess Mary, if the tweets that followed the film were anything to go by the loose facts were not the only stinky things about the movie.

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