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Did Britney Spears photoshop this bikini pic?

While Britney Spears’ latest sizzling poolside bikini shot racked up over 185,000 Instagram likes, some fans have accused the star of a photoshop fail.

By Katie Skelly
On Sunday, the Toxic singer took to social media to share a knock-out, poolside snap of her catching some rays in an itsy-bitsy yellow bikini.
To her 44 million Twitter followers and her 9 million Instagram followers, she shared the sexy snapshot along with the caption: “Just Chilling.”
But although the pic has clocked up over 185,000 likes since its upload, it has also attracted some rather curious comments, suggesting that the 34-year-old songstress had indeed doctored the image to make her torso appear more slim.
"The gap in your back should be stone, not water. Bad photoshop," said one commenter.
As many of Britney’s followers have mentioned in the comments, it appears as if a patch of concrete making up the pools edge seems to be missing underneath the small of her back.
"The gap in your back should be stone, not water. Bad photoshop," one commenter pointed out.
"You need a lesson in how to photoshop so it's not so obvious," said a second critic, with another adding: "Photoshop at its worst. You have a great body Britney, you don’t need that."
The Instagram snap in question comes just days after Britney shared a video of her baring all on the beach in the very same little yellow bikini.
See the video in the player below! Story continues.
While the mother-of-two is yet to comment on whether or not her body was digitally altered, it is perhaps unlikely that she will.
Speaking to V Magazine earlier this month, the pop icon revealed that when it comes to the haters, her coping mechanism is simply to ignore them.
"Whoever is in the spotlight, people are really quick to judge," she told the publication.
“It's just the way the world works, unfortunately. I've been doing this for 20 years. I kind of don't pay attention to it.”
“I have my relationship with God and myself and that's what matters to me. I really don't care what most people think."
"Performing is my therapy," the mother-of-two declared to USA Today.
Britney definitely wouldn’t be the first high profile celebrity to be caught out sharing a too-good-to-be-true Instagram, it is, of course, possible that the performer has simply attained her sculpted body from her daily high-intensity shows during her residency at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theatre in Las Vegas.
Almost every night since December 2013, the blonde beauty has taken to the stage to perform her latest hits, as well as her early 2000s classics, …Baby One More Time and Oops… I Did It Again for over 4,500 audience members.
Speaking to USA Today, she described performing as her “therapy”.
"It's in my blood to perform," she declared.
"Performing is my therapy, to become different people onstage. It gives me confidence. I don't have that much confidence in myself. But when I'm onstage, it's my alter ego, and it kind of does adjust my personality."
Britney credits her taught figure to regular exercise. "I start with 20 minutes of intense cardio—usually running—move on to light free weights, body-weight exercises such as push-ups, squats, and sit-ups, then finish it off with a stretch," she said to Women's Health.

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