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Denise Morcombe: A new baby brings new hope

The Australian Women’s Weekly was thrilled to announce that Daniel Morcombe’s twin brother is expecting. Now his mother, Denise, shares her thoughts

A new baby brings new hope to all families.
But for the Morcombes it is a much-needed blessing. Daniel Morcombe’s twin brother, Bradley, has announced to The Weekly that he and wife Anna are expecting their first child.
It has been more than a decade of hell for the family since Daniel was abducted and murdered in Queensland, in a case that shocked the nation.
Now at last there is something to look forward to.
“Since Daniel’s disappearance, we had to focus on the positives in our lives just to get by. And now we have something as wonderful as a new baby to look forward to in our family,” Denise tells the April issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly.
Brad and Anna wed in a simple private ceremony on the Sunshine Coast last August, but the pair have known each other since attending high school together.
They don’t know the sex of the child, but Anna has a strong feeling it is a boy.
“I couldn’t think of anything more fitting after everything that everybody has been through,” Anna says.
The Weekly was invited into the family home to celebrate with the extended family, and Daniel and Brad’s mother Denise has kindly allowed The Weekly to print some never-before-seen touching photos of her twins as babies and young boys.
Read more of this story in the April issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, on sale tomorrow, Thursday, March 17.

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