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Delta Goodrem collapses on the set of The Voice

Delta Goodrem has sparked new health fears after passing out in front of fans on the set of The Voice.

Delta Goodrem has sparked new health fears after passing out in front of fans on the set of The Voice.
Delta, 30, was rushed from the set of secret Blind Auditions with chest pains last week. Surrounded by 200 studio audience members at the time, Delta was about to give her feedback to a female contestant when she appeared to falter, unable to speak.
“Ah, this is a first for me and everyone else,” explained a senior producer for the show. “Delta’s not feeling very well,” he added, revealing she had complained of “pressure” on her chest.
“Give me a second,” she finally stammered, before ripping her mic from her ear and briskly striding off stage.
Delta’s abrupt exit shocked her fellow coaches, Latino superstar Ricky Martin, LA rock twins Joel and Benji Madden (fresh from his wedding to movie star Cameron Diaz) and new coach Jessie J, an English pop-star.
It was then everyone’s worst fears were confirmed as the reason for her shock collapse was revealed.
The nervous audience sat in silence, contemplating what the chest pains could mean.
“People are taking very good care of Delta backstage,” he reassured, before suggesting Ricky, Jessie J and the Madden brothers took a break while Delta was being treated.
More than 10 minutes passed before she reappeared. Walking into the room to a rip-roaring cheer from the audience, Delta was arm in arm with co-coach Ricky for support.
A spokesperson for Nine later blamed the heat in the studio and the punishing schedule, saying Delta was able to return and complete her duties.
After winning her brave battle against cancer at the age of 18, the medical emergency has sparked new fears for Delta.
Being the brave battler as she is though, Delta seemed to brush the incident off, as she jokingly told a contestant, “You were so good I just had to pass out!”
Delta on the set of The Voice on better days.
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