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Delta Goodrem shares raw new confession about her past ahead of the release of her first book

“Dreams don’t have an expiry date."

By Faye Couros
Delta Goodrem has had an incredible life - from surviving cancer at a young age, overcoming heartbreak to navigating stardom and its trappings.
This year, she has decided to collate intimate stories behind the tracks of her sixth studio album, Bridge Over Troubled Dreams, into her first book.
Delta Goodrem's first-ever book will give fans an intimate look at her life behind the spotlight. (Image: Instagram)
According to her publisher, Simon and Schuster, the book is an intimate dive into her life from "the touching account of her birth, battling bouts of missing home and many incredible self-discoveries along the way."
In anticipation of its May 14 release, Delta shared an expert from the book's introduction on her Instagram, and it reveals a very raw and emotional insight into her life.
"Dreams don't have an expiry date and that's been a really important lesson for me. That's why it's such a prominent theme on the album," the excerpt began.
The 36-year-old went on to reflect on the highs and lows of her early 20s.
"When you're in your twenties, your early twenties in particular, there's a mixture of invincibility and excitement as you embark on adulthood, but there's an innocence underlying it all, too," Delta penned.
"What I wanted to portray through this record is the view from the next level; from the perspective of having lived it and breathed it."
"There's an innocence underlying it all." Instagram
Although Delta has lived an exceptional life afforded to a select number of people, many will be able to relate to this passage Delta has shared.
From those going through their 20s to older women who can look back with the same nuance and nurture as Delta has in her book will understand the words penned by the star.
To help promote the book, the singer has released a live acoustic version of her song All Of My Friends to her YouTube.
This is a new creative journey for the singer and now author. Instagram
The book will also include never-before-seen pictures from the star's private collection and snaps from her childhood.
The highly anticipated project is unlike what we have ever seen the artist, musician, actress and songwriter.
So, this is an exciting opportunity to learn more from one of Australia's sweetest music darlings.