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Deborah Hutton urges women over 40 to find ‘balance’

Former model and media personality Deborah Hutton launches her book and tells how her life changed after posing naked on The Weekly’s cover at 50.

One of our most recognised and successful women, former model Deborah Hutton is urging women to take greater care of themselves.
Hutton, 53, launched My Love Affair with Food (produced in conjunction with The Australian Women’s Weekly) at her home on the beach in Sydney’s east on Thursday night.
It follows the launch of her website, Balance, which is all about taking greater care of yourself and getting more out of life after the children have grown up.
“As a woman, when you get into your 50s, life is very different. I thought it was a great time to help women turn around and focus on themselves for once”.
The turning point for Hutton was appearing naked on the cover of The Weekly in January 2012 when she was 50.
“There were a lot of women who connected with me,’’ she said.
“My passion is to …help women over 40 find purpose and meaning in life, and put themselves first for once.”
"As a woman, when you get into your 50s, life is very different," says Deborah Hutton, who posed nude for The Weekly in January 2012.
Hutton was a model and fashion director at The Weekly for 14 years but has been quieter, publicly at least, since appearing naked on the cover.
“To be honest, there were a lot of years when I went out with (ex-Partner) Harry (M Miller) and we went to everything. But I am not in the fashion world anymore.
“I just don’t do it anymore. I need to recharge.”
Like most women over 40, Hutton said she has been busier but prefers to relax at night then “put on high heels”.
Her message follows the bestselling book by media mogul Arianna Huffington who advises women to get more sleep in order to be more ‘successful’.
Huffington introduced nap rooms to her office headquarters and describes eight hours of sleep the ‘ideal’
"It's made me a much happier and healthier human being—much less reactive, much more joyful," she said.
Hutton, like Huffington is not planning to stop, but said she wants a good quality of life as she grows older.
“I think the way to maintain your youth is to always challenge yourself and learn new things”.
The night’s book launch was attended by media types including The Weekly's former editor Ita Buttrose, The Daily Mail's Peter Holder, PR Judi Hausmann and Hutton's mother Dell, whom Deborah said was a ‘great entertainer’.

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